New heroes, powerful magic and more control in PvP

Today, global publisher and developer My.com proudly announces the release of Update 3.0 for its Action RPG Juggernaut Wars. This update introduces three new heroes to its already impressive roster and adds various gameplay enhancements. The popular synchronous player versus player (PvP) mode adds features that provide players with more control over their actions and makes competition on mobile devices even more exciting. The campaign mode will get a brand-new layer of strategy through the introduction of player controlled spells, which can be casted and timed manually. This and many more changes, make Update 3.0 one of the largest updates to the game since launch.

Update 3.0 introduces three new characters to the game. Crystallon Rahr, a mighty, but slow warrior, who deals out massive physical damage. Chrystallon can also weaken and poison nearby enemies.

Kroffdor Ritor, an ancient monster that controls fire. Kroffdor deals out magic damage in close combat by employing his deadly fire whip to inflict burn damage. Kroffdor also possesses great magic defense too. Viper Roxy is a human from Evolution: Battle for Utopia. A warrior in her own right, she utilizes SMGs and grenades to get the job done. Despite having low health, she is more than capable of killing weak enemies with one shot.

Update 3.0 also features brand-new gameplay mechanics based on Alchemical Elements. Mages built a magic tower right in the player’s camp, offering mighty spells in return. These towers allow players to get personal in the fights, casting destructive spells on their enemies or using healing powers to cure and buff their allies. A variety of available spells provides different status effects that works well with specific heroes, so it’s crucial for players to pick correct squad of heroes and equip suitable magic for them. The power of the spells depends on the level of the Magic Tower which can be upgraded with a special currency that is acquired by collecting and enchanting heroes.

To get more control over the PvP battles players now can turn off the auto-battle feature, which was mandatory for the mode. Now, the ultimate abilities of the heroes can be initiated by the players creating almost endless possibilities for them to create deadly combos or clever plays. It will take a lot of time for players of Juggernaut Wars to figure out best ways to utilize that feature.

Update 3.0 also features new equipment for high level players, new clan features and much more.

In Juggernaut Wars, players fight to save the fascinating world of Haradan - a world familiar to fans of its predecessor Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, the multi-million download RPG hit from 2012. The world of Haradan has fallen into turmoil and a devastating civil war has further divided its two factions: the League and the Cohort. The ruler of the last city, who was capable of keeping the peace, suddenly disappears under violent and suspicious circumstances. Only the player’s team of heroes can journey the predatory wastelands and woodlands to unravel its mysteries, using dexterity and speed in battle to restore order to Haradan.

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