Hit First-Person Shooter Franchise Launches on Mobile with Spectacular Online Battles, New Locations, and Intuitive Touch Controls

Global publisher MY.GAMES today announced that Warface: Global Operations, an all-new mobile instalment in the Warface franchise with over 80 million players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is now available for free download on Google Play and the App Store. Developed by the Moscow-based MY.GAMES studio Whalekit, Warface: Global Operations is an action-packed first-person shooter inspired by the original Warface featuring epic online battles, stunning maps, and new controls for killer touch precision.

In this first mobile game in the Warface franchise, players join the fight between the military organizations Warface and Blackwood, waging war in fast and frantic PvP battles that extend across the planet. With gameplay and controls fully optimized for the mobile experience, players can quickly master intuitive touch controls, customize the game’s interface based on personal preferences, and switch between automatic and manual firing for deadly accuracy. Warface: Global Operations also features stunningly rendered environments, vivid effects, and crystal clear 60 FPS combat.

“We keep expanding the Warface universe and are delighted to introduce a completely new shooter in a setting familiar to millions of players,” said Ivan Pabiarzhyn, Warface Franchise Lead at MY.GAMES. “Warface: Global Operations is inspired by the original Warface game on PC, although created from scratch according to all current mobile gaming trends. We are always open to exchange experience with external development teams, and we are especially pleased that one of MY.GAMES’ studios has been interested in creating its own product within an established franchise. I hope that not only loyal fans of the franchise, but also those who are just discovering the fast-paced and rich gameplay of Warface will enjoy this new mobile instalment.”

New recruits can arm themselves with a cutting-edge selection of over 80 realistic weapons, plus an array of gear and equipment inspired by the arsenals of real world militaries. Lock and load with iconic firearms such as assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, SMGs, and sniper rifles. Wide customization options and over 40 unique pieces of gear offer total control over players’ in-game appearance.

Two thrilling online team-based PvP modes are available to play at the launch of Warface: Global Operations. ‘Team Deathmatch’ pits two teams of four against each other in a no-holds-barred battle to the death, while ‘Control’ tasks teams with the capture and defense of critical zones on the map. Whalekit is actively developing free updates to deploy new modes, new maps, and seasonal events in the future.

The battle unfolds across 5 new global maps:

  • Hangar: Inspired by the original Warface and revamped for Warface: Global Operations, players can storm enemies with a frontal assault, or execute a critical flanking manoeuvre. 
  • Afghanistan: Fight across the cave, village, and street market, and take advantage of bright environments to spot and take down enemies from a distance.
  • Ruins: Explore these mysterious ruins situated on a sun-kissed Greek coastline, and fight for dominance of the map’s three key points of interest.
  • Schwarzwald: A forsaken castle hidden within a Western European forest, this foggy battle arena is softly lit and perfect for any type of skirmish. Bring an end to your enemies in deadly sniper battles or desperate, close-quarters shotgun combat.
  • Joss House: A compact arena adorned with beautiful, Chinese-inspired architecture, this map is perfect for explosive firefights and long-range sniper combat.

MY.GAMES launched the Warface franchise in 2013, with over 80 million players worldwide having joined the fight against Blackwood on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to date.


Warface is a widely popular tactical first-person shooter, available for free download on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with over 80 million registered players. Warface provides more than 200 types of unique existing weapons, 57 unique PvP maps, 11 large-scale special operations, as well as extensive personalization and customization in-game options. Warface is being developed by Blackwood Games and is globally published by MY.GAMES.


Whalekit is a MY.GAMES development studio based in Moscow, Russia. Founded in 2004, its team of 100+ experienced developers is dedicated to creating high-quality mobile gaming experiences. They specialize in 3D action titles, including hit games like Contract Killer, Frontline Commando, and Deer Hunter. Left to Survive, a zombie apocalypse shooter, was released in 2018 to critical acclaim and over 15 million downloads. Their latest release, Warface: Global Operations, marks the very first mobile chapter in the Warface universe, a first-person-shooter franchise with over 80 million players worldwide.

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